How to Clean the Air in Your Home So You Can Breathe Clearly

Healthy indoor air creates a safe environment for you and your family. You may think you need a tightly sealed home to take full advantage of an energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system. While it’s certainly a good idea to caulk leaks and insulate well, you still need fresh air and other indoor air quality solutions for a truly healthy home. According to the EPA, the typical home has multiple sources of pollution and is at least two to five times worse than outdoor air. However, you don’t have to choose between energy savings and healthy air. Our action plan can help you achieve both goals.

Step One: DIY Your Way to Cleaner Air

Let’s look at what you can do yourself. Start by taking advantage of natural ventilation when weather permits. Open windows more often and use portable fans to circulate fresh air deep into your home. During hot summer weather, you might do this early in the morning; in cool seasons, perhaps you’ll find opportunities during the warmest part of the late afternoon. This isn’t a year-round solution, but there are times when opening windows will be beneficial without sacrificing efficiency.

Another important DIY intervention is to eliminate sources of indoor air pollution. We can’t stress this one enough. Tobacco smoke, radon, strongly fragranced cleaners and laundry products, scented candles, carpet glue, strong paint odors, mold, and pressed-wood products are just some of the common contributors to unhealthy indoor air. Reducing such indoor pollution won’t only lead to fewer asthma attacks for sufferers but will also lower the incidence of headaches, colds, fatigue, eye and throat irritation, and many chronic health problems.

Let’s finish this section with a reminder to change your heating and AC filters regularly and to address all moisture issues promptly before they lead to mold. Use common sense when you renovate: if you know you have a tendency to dampness or water in the basement, opt for tile or an attractive colored concrete floor instead of carpet. While you’re at it, use non-toxic paints and other building products that don’t off-gas more pollution into your home.

Step Two: Use Professional Hardwired Solutions

For a comprehensive approach to healthy indoor air, you need to address humidity control, filtration and air exchange. Whole-house air humidifiers are an ideal way to tackle the dry, dusty air that blows through ducted systems in winter. A fan within the unit typically blows moisture directly into the ducts and out into your living space. Installed air purifiers and filters likewise help with allergies and respiratory health. You’ll notice less dust in your home, too.

While freestanding dehumidifiers are popular, they don’t address one of the causes of mold growth, which is stagnant air. Your AC system dehumidifies living spaces in summer, but if you have a basement or other humid area without conditioned air, a ventilator unit will keep air circulating and prevent mold. Likewise in winter, ventilators allow for fresh air to enter your home and can warm the air to room temperature with energy recovery for efficiency.

Step Three: Call Us for a Free Consultation

Webb's Electric, Heating & Air is ready to work with you to achieve the healthy, happy home you deserve at a price that’s reasonable on your wallet. We know you have better things to do with your time and energy than to suffer health problems from poor indoor air. We also believe that your hard-earned money should go towards things that matter – college savings, your retirement, vacations and whatever else you value. It should not be eaten up by your home heating and AC system. With these things in mind, we invite you to contact us anytime, and we’ll be happy to bring you the best and most efficient indoor air quality solutions for your Sherman, Texas, area home.

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